Arad-Ophir Ltd – Information Specialists

Arad-Ophir is an Israeli company, established 1994 by Mrs.Rina Arad and Mrs. Idit Ophir, in the purpose of supplying Information Services and Knowledge Management.The company is well established in the Israeli market, in the leading companies, as well as small start-ups, R&D organizations, Governmental organizations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Attorneys’ offices, Patent Agents and all the Universities.

Arad–Ophir’s core business is in the field of Information Retrieval: marketing, support, training, help-desk, consulting and outsourcing.

Arad–Ophir is the Israeli agent of:


Chemical Abstracts Service and STN International since 1995.


Lexis-Nexis since 2006.


As the sole representative in the Israeli market Arad–Ophir acts as a marketing agent as well as the local Help Deskand Training Center.




Other Services :


Arad–Ophir Ltd.  is working with most of the Israeli pharmaceutical companies' patent departments and patent attorneys offices. Known as the leading and most professional organization inIsrael, in the area of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Patent Research.


Arad–Ophir’s  employees include a PhD organic Chemist and MSc in Biochemistry, very experienced in Patent research, especially in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical area.


Arad–Ophir’s Patent  Research Services are carried sometimes directly for the companies and

sometimes in cooperation with leading patent attorneys in Israel.