Our team of information professionals hold high level scientific and business degrees and expertise in scientific, business and legal information, with the ability to identify customer needs and give a well-focused tailor-made solution.

As a boutique company, we have very close and long term relationships with the majority of our customers, enabling us to listen and understand their needs.


The company is well established in the Israeli market, especially in leading companies, R&D organizations, governmental organizations, the academic sector, attorneys’ offices, patent agents etc.


Other Services:

Information identification and retrieval from different types of sources:

  • professional databases, free sources, analysts' reports and field surveys.

  • Public courses and seminars on information retrieval.

  • Supporting Big Data projects with information/ data and services.

  • Implementation of information retrieval systems and training in organizations,with special emphasis on the specific needs of each customer.

Arad–Ophir is a sole representative in Israel of

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